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ASHA School ERP Software

In this era of digitization & fast paced world unified efforts to marginal increase in productivity of every individual leads to saving time & money in the long run & giving boost to economy. We are trying to empower every institute, helps them to administrate easily, to foster collaboration & communication between staff, students & parents, also help them Excel at their roles & responsibilities.

Get our most advanced free school management software and school app for all your school, tuition and college. We offers free bus tracking, Student analytical report and so on.

Manage your school remotely. Send emergency notices, track teacher leaves, Students progress & much more. track payments, track school buses. Always stay connected with your school administration & students, Give them homework, track their progress, accept-reject leaves & much more.

All in One Web Based School Administration Software

We believe quality education is for everyone and there should not be a barrier of money, belief or language. The way we challenge the status quo is by making better educational resources that are easy to use, beautifully crafted and impactful. And we happen to help in making a great education system.

ASHA School ERP is commited to create best educational resources for Students, Teachers & Institute Administration. School Administration Software offers one common school database systems and configurable user profiles for everyone in your school. It’s allowing administration, teachers, students and parents to share the information with each other.

A free school software which is always online, that means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere. There is no additional setup required on school premises, no need to take care of your backup as well as data securing. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account and start using it.

A Complete School ERP Software

ASHA School ERP Software is ERP software for schools, and it includes all the features of an ERP software tailored for school needs. Integration, Automation, Reporting, Customer Relationship Management (Student, guardian relationship management in case of education institutes), Accounting & Tracking, and Visibility. Everything is packaged in a single our School/College ERP solution; you have to tick to enable a module. When you setup ASHA School ERP Software for college, it will change all the workflows accordingly.