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Soft-Bill Pay GST billing software helps businesses create professional invoices in just a few clicks

GST Invoicing/Billing

Soft-Bill GST billing software helps businesses create professional invoices in just a few clicks. In the post GST era, businesses need to provide GST-compliant invoices. Soft-Bill provides easy GST billing by auto-populating all the mandatory fields like GSTIN, HSN/SAC code, GST rate, etc. Selecting the appropriate value is all you need to do. The GST billing software provides 8+ GST invoicing formats to create custom-made GST invoices that suit different business requirements.

A professional GST invoice is the first step in creating a positive impression about a business. The free billing software also makes the monthly, quarterly, and annual filing of tax returns easier and more convenient. As the invoicing software generates all the sales and purchase invoices, all the entries are automatically saved, thus making GST return filing more convenient. The billing software for GST provides online sharing of both non-GST and GST invoices directly to customers.

Send Quotations & Estimates

With the online billing software, business owners can create quotations, estimates & GST invoices and share them easily. The billing app also enables the conversion of estimates into GST bills and sends them on WhatsApp. The easy to use software application helps users make accurate & instant estimates & quotes for their prospective suppliers & customers. This will help them save time & increase efficiency. Create quotations using the billing software and convert them into sales invoices with just a click. The ‘Convert to Invoice’ option offered by the GST software allows easy conversion of quotations or estimates into invoices. Before conversion, the software also allows editing the quotation so that any corrections can be made easily. Once converted, the software provides an option to download, print or thermal print. The same can be shared online through Whatsapp or SMS to the customers.

Delivery Challan

Soft-Bill billing software provides customised delivery challans. The delivery challans generated by the accounting software are tamper-proof and signed by both the consignor and the consignee to acknowledge the delivery of goods. Create the challans using the free GST billing app and make sure the goods have been delivered safely. Using the GST software, businesses can generate delivery challans on time, thus helping run the business smoothly while serving the customers efficiently. The billing software also saves all the records of the delivery challans, making it easy to track them later. Through the Soft-Bill billing app, businesses can create delivery challans in a few clicks. Once it is created, sellers have the option to download, print/thermal print the challan. It can also be shared via SMS or Whatsapp. The software also provides an option to search delivery challans using a search tab. Just enter the receiver’s name in the search box of the software to find the documents in seconds.

Manage Your Inventory

Not just invoicing, the billing software is also capable of managing the business inventory. The free inventory management software helps small and medium enterprises to manage their stock in a few clicks. Easy entry of new stock, simple product categorisation, a centralised dashboard view, low stocks alerts are the key features offered by the inventory management software. The inventory management software allows businesses to have a neatly organised product catalogue. Using the accounting software, add all the new items with all the required details, including product, name, image, category, item code, description, stock quantity, batch number, selling price, manufacturing date, MRP, and wholesale price. The inventory software generates reports to monitor the overall inventory performance. View the reports on stock summary, low stock and item sales.

Accounting Made Easy

The free online accounting software helps small business owners manage their finances more efficiently. Soft-Bill accounting software helps track expenses, record sales & purchases, send payment reminders, and manage accounts payable/receivable. In addition, the software can track their progress and keep a check on their periodic budgets. The free accounting software maintains party-wise ledgers, cash ledgers, bank ledgers, and day-wise sales/purchase ledgers. The software makes it easier to reconcile balances and generate financial records that can be used to file IT or GST returns. Soft-Bill accounting software keeps track of all credit sales, sends automated payment reminders and party balances on Whatsapp and enables faster payments. This will also help maintain regular cash flow for your business. The GST accounting software helps in smart bookkeeping, maintaining business records & analysing business performance regularly. The software also generates more than 20 business accounting reports that help get a business overview and make strategic business decisions for business growth.

Analyse business reports

The GST billing and accounting software converts all your business data into information that can be used to make strategic business decisions. Soft-Bill generates more than 20 business reports to help improve the operational efficiency of the business. Using the billing software, businesses can generate sales summary reports, party ledgers, profit and loss reports, GSTR sales/purchase reports, inventory reports, expenses reports, and more. Don’t wait till the month-end to generate reports using the GST software. With just a few clicks, you can access all the reports and change business plans as and when required. Companies using the GST billing software can access detailed business reports from anywhere & at any time. The reports generated by the accounting software can be shared with CAs, accountants, clients directly via WhatsApp or emails.

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